3 Ways You Can Keep On Top of Your Business

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Most business owners from small to large, have a Business Plan and regularly update it as they grow and evolve.

At the end of each year we reflect on the past year and what worked and what didn’t and our ROI (Return on Investment). As well, we begin each new year with plans on adding new products and services or improving our business to reflect changes in our industry and how we do business. A well thought out strategy and implementation plan is very important for success.

Spring is here and we are nearing the halfway mark in 2012. It is the perfect time to revisit our 2012 Strategy and see how we are doing and how we can improve for the next 6 months to ensure we will be successful.

Here are 3 ways to keep on track:

  1. Find a business coach, join a Mastermind group or acquire a mentor. Any of these can help in so many ways – they provide accountability, guidance and best of all a fresh point of view from others.
  2. Be informed. Market Research can provide you with updates and changes in your Industry and how your competitition is doing it right. You don’t have to be a copycat. You can think “outside the box” and differentiate – what do you provide that is unique and makes your products or services better?
  3. Educate. Research what your customers are saying. How can you make their customer experience better? This may include adding additional products or services.

I find that in working with my clients, often they will come to me for specific services but have additional needs that I may be able to fill. They are satisfied with the services I provide and often ask if I have experience in other areas that will help them.

In my industry, Inbound Marketing, I can hardly keep up with all the changes and improvements in doing internet marketing, and to be on top of my business, I have signed up for a few new courses being offered by VA Classroom. I credit them with giving me top notch training and confidence to apply the most up-to-date techniques for the in-demand skills today. Whether you are a Virtual Assistant or a business owner in any industry, you can learn many new skills to grow your business.

Have you revisited your Strategic Plan for 2012?  Are you making any adjustments or adding to your Plan for the remainder of this year?


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