5 Tips to Boost Your Productivity at Work

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Guest Post by Della Bercovitch

If you are feeling overwhelmed in the office trying to get too many things done at once, then maybe it is time for you to organize your day. Learning to plan ftoday for tomorrow, can boost your productivity.

These tips will encourage you to get the most of your day in an organized and productive manner.

  1. At the end of each work day, think about what you have to do tomorrow. Create a list of all the tasks you would like to accomplish in order of importance.  When you start your work day in the morning, you will have a guide listing everything that must be done.
  2. Be careful of diversions. Frequently schedules get interrupted by unscheduled phone calls or unexpected visitors. If you want to stay on track, a good method to follow is The Pomodoro Technique.  All you need is a timer to apply this technique. You set the time for twenty-five minutes and work diligently for those twenty-five minutes.  Once the timer rings, take a five minute break.  Do something totally different than what you were doing for the twenty-five minutes.  After the five minute break, set the timer again for another twenty-five minutes and go back to the original task.  Follow this routine four times.  After the fourth twenty-five minute timer rings, take a twenty to thirty minute break, then start again. You will be amazed at how much can be accomplished.
  3. If you have an appointment outside of the office, it is good practice to call before you leave.  This will guarantee that the person you have the appointment with is in the office and expecting you, as well as ensuring that the person is on time. Knowing in advance that the scheduled appointment is delayed allows you to choose to leave the office later and complete something else on your “to do” list.
  4. Checking a task off of your “to do” list gives you a real sense of accomplishment and provides you with the opportunity to see what is left to do. You can then reprioritize and reorganize your time for the remainder of the day.
  5. At the end of each day, look at your list.  Were you able to accomplish everything on the list? If not, move what is left to tomorrow’s “to do” list. If there were many tasks that still remain on the list, then perhaps you had too many items on the list.  Think about how much you can actually accomplish in a day and plan for that. Perhaps move some of the less urgent items to later in the week. Do not forget about them; just know when you are prioritizing how much you can do in a day.

Following these few tips will boost your productivity and keep you organized. Remember that it is important to have balance in your life and you cannot accomplish everything in one day.

As the social media phenomenon continues to grow online, many are spending more time on the computer.  Some are trying to figure out what it all means and how they can benefit from online networking.  We must keep in mind not to get lost in this digital world. It is still important to network in person.

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Della is a Virtual Assistant who specializes in Book Marketing Online, Online Events as well as administrative services for small businesses. Please visit her website at http://www.della-gate.com/.

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