5 Tips to Tweeking your Business in the Fall

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Fall Tree 1You may wonder as year end is looming in a few short months, how you can improve your business to reach your goals for 2009.  Here are a few tips you may want to consider:

1.  Review the prospects you have obtained in 2009.  How many converted to actual sales?  How many did not convert?  Revisit these prospective clients.  You could do this by sending an email or making a telephone call.  You may approach this with an enquiry as to how their business is doing, mention your previous communication with them whether it was a quote, a consultation, or a proposal and whether they completed the project or task.  Ask for any feedback they can provide.  OR, you may also send a targeted email to them with a “coupon” offering a free item or service or a discounted rate you are offering for a limited time.

2.  Revisit the clients you have had so far this year.  Those would be the clients you actually provided a product or service to whom you have had no further contact with.  If you neglected to do a customer satisfaction follow-up with them, do it now.  Ask for feedback.  If applicable, enquire about further services you may have discussed with them at the time.  At the least, ask how satisfied they were with your product or service  and whether they have any problems at this time that you might be able to help them with.  This is also an opportunity to tell them you are offering a discount for a limited time.

3.  Check back on your Business Plan or Strategies for this year.  How many To Do’s have you accomplished?  How many have changed since January for whatever reason and have you moved forward with them?  How many have just gone by the wayside because of a lack of time or funds?   Make adjustments such as ticking off the accomplishments, adjusting the changes to other items and how and when you will complete them and for the outstanding items, can you move them to the List for 2010 or do you still have time to set up a schedule to implement them?

4.  Revisit various Profiles or Accounts you have set up, eg. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed, Ezine Articles, Blogger sites.  Have you updated them to reflect any changes in your business – contact information, added services or products, your new brand image, any changes you have made since January 2009?  If, like many people, you have joined groups or opened accounts and never used or participated in them, now would be a good time to trim down those that are no longer important or you don’t have the time to pursue.  As well, there may be others that you want to pursue but haven’t taken the time.  Now would be that time to investigate whether they will benefit you and your business.

5.  The Fall is also the perfect time to contemplate how you are going to strategize for the coming year.  What ideas and plans do you have for 2010?  Do you want to add a product or service, does that entail any training or research on your part?  Make a plan.

 Diane L. Coville



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