6 Reasons to Have a Social Media Strategy for Success

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Although there was a huge influx of businesses recognizing Social Media was no longer an option to include in their marketing efforts in 2011, as many or more businesses will include Social Media as part of their marketing plan for 2012.

After attending many webinars and participating in Forums in January and February of this year, I noticed many new and existing business owners are at the stage of seeking information about how Social Media works and were actually surprised when many experienced marketers stressed how important it was to develop a strategy “before” they start setting up accounts and participating.  I have also gained many new clients recently and encountered the same issue – they want “into Social Media” but haven’t any idea what they want to accomplish.

6 Reasons to have success in Social Media with a Strategy:

  1. To have a plan with realistic goals and how to reach them.
  2. To use consistent branding.
  3. To know your competition.
  4. To clarify how much time you have to participate.
  5. To set a budget.
  6. To track your Return on Investment.

I insist on sending my Social Media Assessment Form to them to be filled out before we begin.  This helps them think through a Plan of Action.  Here are just some of the questions I ask them to complete.

•   Who is your target market?

•   Clarify whether you are targeting local, national or international market?

•   What are your products and/or services?

•   What goals do you want to accomplish in Social Media and in what timeframe?

•   What forms of Branding do you want to utilize in Social Media?

•   What are your keywords for your Business?

•   What is your competition doing in Social Media?

•   What amount of time are you scheduling to participate in Social Media and what role do you want your Social Media Specialist to fill – consultant, trainer and/or implementation?

•   What is your monthly budget?

•   What is your level of experience with Social Media – beginner, intermediate or experienced?

•   How will you track your Return on Investment (both your time and the Social Media Specialists)?

A well thought out Plan of Action will lead to a higher rate of success!  Please feel free to share any other information you think pertinent to add to the above list of questions.







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