How to Get Creative with your Content Marketing

Content Marketing II

There is no doubt that in 2013 Content Marketing must be a key strategy in your marketing efforts.  Not only does it spread the word about your Company and your brand, it gives you a unique way to reach out to your prospects and customers and interact with them to build the "Know-Like-Trust" factor that encourages sales.  And Google now ranks that Content as an integral part in it's efforts to … [Read more...]

What To Do “Before” Your Systems and Processes Fail?

Frustrated by Systems Failure

After more than 8 years of being in business online, I have been "virtually" unable to conduct my business  in the past 3-4 weeks! Why? Because I couldn't foresee a series of technology issues that happened and left me scrambling. Two years ago the motherboard failed on my main computer, rendering all my programs, files and data unaccessible. I was able to retrieve the hard drive intact but it … [Read more...]

Content Marketing: The New Natural SEO? Part 4

Content Marketing - Earning Your Links

  In the final part of this series on Content Marketing, I will clarify how Sharing and Participating on Social Networks and Forums and Blogs will be tracked and rank much higher than the previous methods that Google Algorithms used to rank importance.     Social Networks Not only are all your Social Media Accounts creating links to your website - Facebook Profile … [Read more...]

Content Marketing: Why It Is Most Important in 2012? Part 3

Content Marketing - Most Important in 2012

In my first blog post of this series, Content Marketing:  What Is It?,  I  provided a link to a recent blog post from Noble Samurai: based on a presentation by In essence... Search Engine Optimization and Search Engines mainly based their rankings on keywords and phrases, relevant content to … [Read more...]

Content Marketing: How Do I Create Content? Part 2

Step-by-Step Content Creation and Marketing

In our previous blog post, Content Marketing:  What Is It?, we defined what forms of Content can be created. So how do we go about creating content?  Here is a guide to follow from Creation to Marketing to Measurement:   RESEARCH from content already on the internet:  white papers, articles, blogs, videos, news items, eBooks, statistics, etc.  Tip:  As you come up with ideas for … [Read more...]