Back-ups Can Save Your Business

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This week it is all about Fall.  The leaves are at their peak, the weather is cooling down and we have had our first frost.  It revives the spirit and renews energy to get business done!

I have gained another client project.  I have made many inroads in my social networking in business contacts and made some new friends.   Since a lot of the work that comes my way is through speakers/coaches/authors I have been contemplating that target market as my niche.  And, coincidentally, made contact with another local author who is not only willing to mentor me in the processes involved in self-publishing his books but is interested in the services I can provide to new up and coming authors in the community.

And, once again, through my endeavours to fix problems with my desktop and laptop computers, I have discovered another small tip below.

I still operate in Microsoft Windows XP.  It’s purely by choice.  I still hear many reports of issues with Vista and feel more comfortable making the transition some months from now when the system has become more established and settled.  I regularly back-up my whole computer hard drive on my desktop drive to an external drive at the end of each week.  All my clients files and my reference information are stored there.  It would be an irreversible loss if my desktop computer crashed not to speak of the time to re-install all my software and programs that I use daily.  Should that happen, all my programs, settings and files are easily restored from the external drive.  Since both of my laptops suffered an unexplained virus which wiped all the files off, I spent a total of 4 days restoring the basic programs “hidden” on the hard drive and then re-installing everything else.  Soooo, it was obvious I had to back-up the laptops.  On my desktop, I go to Start – Programs – Accessories – System Tools – Backup and voila!  However, the Back-up function was missing from both laptops!!!!

If you find, like I did, that you don’t have a back-up option there is a simple fix.  “Search” your hard drive (C) for the file NT BACK-UP.  When you find it, double click and install this system tool.  When you go back to your Start – Programs – Accessories – System Tools you will find Back-up has been installed!  What a simple solution which took me hours of exploration to find…  and now I am successfully able to back-up the entire hard drives of the laptops just in case

Here’s to a healthy and productive Fall season to one and all!

Diane L. Coville


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