Content Marketing: How Do I Create Content? Part 2

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In our previous blog post, Content Marketing:  What Is It?, we defined what forms of Content can be created.

So how do we go about creating content?  Here is a guide to follow from Creation to Marketing to Measurement:


RESEARCH from content already on the internet:  white papers, articles, blogs, videos, news items, eBooks, statistics, etc.  Tip:  As you come up with ideas for content, have a notepad handy to jot them down.  When it comes time to create the content, you won’t have as many “dry spells” where you just can’t come up with ideas.

CREATE  a blogpost, article, white paper, audio, powerpoint, video, infographic, eBook, etc.  Tip:   Whether you are a professional writer or you are just starting out, it saves time to create a bullet point list of the subject and then flesh out those ideas. 

OPTIMIZE  by doing keyword research and use those keywords in the Title, in the Content, in the Meta Description and with the Title on Images – don’t forget to include links to relevant resources and information and any internal links on your website.  And, if appropriate, include graphs, images, tables, videos, audios.

PUBLISH  on your website, on Content Sites, on Article, Blog sites, etc.  Tip:  Create a Publishing Report such as this to check off your steps.

STATISTICS    by checking your  Google Analytics, set up Google Alerts, check “shares” on Social Media, etc.

Once you have created a piece of content, don’t forget to repurpose it to other forms.

What kinds of content have you created?  What did you find easiest to do and what forms of content do you find challenging?

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