Content Marketing: The New Natural SEO? Part 4

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In the final part of this series on Content Marketing, I will clarify how Sharing and Participating on Social Networks and Forums and Blogs will be tracked and rank much higher than the previous methods that Google Algorithms used to rank importance.



Social Networks

Not only are all your Social Media Accounts creating links to your website –

  1. Facebook Profile with a link to your Facebook Business Page
  2. Your Facebook Business Page
  3. LinkedIn Personal Profile
  4. Your LinkedIn Business Page
  5. Twitter, where you can put your website link in your Profile
  6. You Tube where you can upload your videos with a link back to your website in the description.
  7. Pinterest where you share others pinned images and create your own to be shared.  And Pinterest recently launched pages for Business as well.
  8. Google + Personal Account
  9. Google+ Business Page

You can also create links within Social Media by sharing links to other sites and creating your own content in all it’s forms and sharing on all your accounts.

And, the more you make comments and interact with your connections in Social Media and share others links, the more Google counts those too.

These examples show how you can choose to interact with your customers through their comments.










You could be a member of any number of Forums where information is shared  to solve problems and share information.  Example:  a Forum member posts a question on “How do I Make a Custom Button on Facebook in my Timeline?”  You might answer that question by sharing a link that explains what steps you have to take OR you might have written a blog post on that very subject and add that link to your answer.


Statistics have shown that blogging for business increases the traffic to your site when you share that content to give valuable information about your business, your industry and your expertise to your readers.  But most important, you are creating content to share information that will solve problems and create solutions.  Everyone wants to create a popular blog and statistics have shown over and over again that businesses that blog get significant results, much better than businesses that don’t blog.

Take that one step further.  If your readers consider your content useful, helpful and relevant they will be inclined to make comments and you can interact with them by responding to their comments.  Google tracks that too.

Take that yet another step further.  You can check your readers blogs and make comments on them as well.  Now you have a real conversation going.

In other words, you have to participate online to “earn” your links.

As I mentioned  within this series of blog posts, there are Pros and Cons to this new method of SEO.

Certainly, by earning your links, you are participating more and interacting more with your potential customers, your alliances, your joint venture partners and the people you are connected to online.  You are networking and building your presence and your expertise and establishing your “brand”.  That helps significantly to build your reputation.

However, it can also present a problem.  There are those that have gone before you – thought leaders who have been “out there” a lot longer than you have, who already have a much stronger presence.

How do you stand out in the crowd?   Be consistent, increase your activity to build your online presence, create good content on a consistent basis and  don’t get discouraged.  It takes time to see the results but is well worth your efforts.

What methods do you use to stand out in the crowd?  Please share your experiences.

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  1. Diane

    Great post… I like the point about how to interact with your customers through their comments. When a customer takes the time to comment on your page they are giving you permission to interact with them. Seize the moment! Take Action. Interact.

  2. Great point Bill!

  3. I’ve really enjoyed this series of content marketing posts, Diane, and learned some SEO areas that I need to review. Thanks for sharing your insights.