Content Marketing: What is it? Part 1

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Content can be defined as being Articles, Blog Posts, Press Releases, Audios, Videos, Newsletters, Podcasts, Webinars, Teleseminars, eBooks and one of the newest – “Infographics”.

Most people agree that we are on “information overload” these days. No matter what you want to know, you can likely find it on the Internet in many forms such as those listed above.

In 2012, businesses recognize that Content Marketing is the best way to acquire credibility, establish expertise and share information that is valuable to their customers. It’s also great for driving traffic and creating inbound links.

With all this information available, how can you stand out in the crowd?

  1. Listen to your customers. Whether it be communicating with existing customers or listening to potential customers and what they are talking about in Social Media, Forums, etc. create your content to address their most pressing questions and need for information.
  2. Create a title that is relevant to the content you are creating. Think in terms of your customers – what title can you create that will entice them to read, view or listen to what you are saying.
  3. Include relevant keywords in the title, meta description and within the content. How often do you think people who are seeking information will turn to the search engines to find it for them.
  4. Include relevant images. Like most people, I am attracted to images. When I see a posting on the Social Networks or to a link to a website or blog, if there is an image accompanying the headline, I am more inclined to click on it. It draws their attention.
  5. Include relevant links to the content you are providing, especially if you have found it from someone else. Give credit where credit is due.
  6. Repurpose your content – don’t waste time “re-inventing the wheel”.  For example:  You have created a blog post.

a.       You can repurpose that to an article (ie. Ezine Articles).

b.      Create a powerpoint presentation (ie. Slideshare)

c.       Use the powerpoint presentation to create a video to post. (ie. You Tube, Vimeo to name a few)

d.      Create an audio where you discuss the subject  with a colleague and post it as another blog or offer for download off your site.

e.       Create an eBook where you can expand on the subject matter.  You can offer it as a “Call to Action” on your website, post it on Content sites (ie. Scribed)

f.       Do an Infographic to post (ie. Social Media sites, Pinterest)

Recently, those experts that make it their business to understand SEO and how the search engines (with Google being the choice of 84% of the population), calculate rankings and what the search engines measure most importantly in 2012.  Top of their list is Content.

A great link to check out would be a post made recently by Noble Samurai:

Since Content is playing such a major role in 2012 and beyond, I am offering a series of blog posts on Content Marketing  in the following weeks.

Stay tuned and I encourage you to share your experiences and successes with Content Marketing in your business…




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