Conversation Marketing or Ghost Twittering

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Ghost TwitteringI have heard many discussions of the pros and cons of Twitter and the tweets that are posted.

There are those individuals who have no problem with someone posting “tweets” on their behalf.  On the other side, many believe that you should do all your own “conversation marketing”.

So why do people join Twitter?  In the professional business world, most would say they join to build their presence on the internet, form relationships, get acquainted with alliances in their own industry, seek joint venture connections and gain new clients.

Social Networking operates much like local networking but “virtually”.  When you join your local Chamber of Commerce, do you send someone else to represent your business?  Do they hand out your business cards, shake the hands of group members and do your sales pitch?  Do you get results when someone else represents you?

When I attend local networking events, I enter to meet new people, learn about their business, build my “brand” by establishing my expertise in what I do and what problems I can solve for my clients.  By attending on a regular basis, I get to know fellow members and their business and they become familiar with me as well.  I am building my “brand”.

When you are trying to build your “brand” by networking over the internet, many say (and I agree) that you have to be yourself, be honest and want to share and mentor with your connections.  Unless your “Ghost Twitterer” knows you very well, how can they possibly project your personality or your expertise into the “tweets” they are doing on your behalf with your connections?  I doubt that it would  be any more successful than someone representing you at a local meeting.

When you are contemplating the Social Networking scene and building your presence on the Internet, it would be prudent to think about whether you want to commit your time and efforts interacting personally or whether you are comfortable with someone else representing you.  And if you do employ someone else to represent you, are you closely monitoring the “conversations” to make sure that it is being done to your satisfaction?

Diane L. Coville

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