How Blogging is More Popular than Ever Before

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Blog Marketing

Although I already knew that Blogging has found a new life with the onset of Social Media, I recently attended a seminar presented by Hubspot, Inbound Marketing Specialists, entitled, “How to Use SEO, Blogs, and Social Media to Get Found Online”.

They provided some pretty amazing statistics on Blogging.

  • 97% more Inbound Links for Companies that Blog
  • Google weighs optimization of your site:  25% On Page, 75% Off Page
  • Statistics on two examples:
  1. Website with Blog:  99 Google indexed pages & 6,000 unique visitors
  2. Website without Blog:  8 Google indexed pages & 2,200 unique visitors
  • 434% more indexed pages on Companies that blog as opposed to Companies that don’t
  • 55% more visitors to Company sites who blog as opposed to those that don’t.

Of course, blogging is just the start.

A well thought out Title will invite and entice readers.

Content in the blog is extremely important.  If you are marketing your products and services, you are unlikely to have repeat visitors to your blog.  If you are producing great content that will interest your prospects or show them a solution to their needs or problems, they will come back.  And your blog is a perfect way to demonstrate your expertise in your field.

Optimizing your Blog for great Search Engine Optimization is very important too.  You want Google to find your blog and raise your Search Engine ranking.

Social Media is the next piece of the puzzle in order to spread the word about your blog.

And creating accounts on specific Blog sites and entering the link to your Blog site is pertinent as well.

And finally, create interaction with other Bloggers.  Research blogs of some of the prominent bloggers as well as industry specific bloggers.  Make comments on theirs and ask for backlinks.

And one final note.  Make sure your Blog invites comments from your readers.  Another great way to interact and build relationships.  Just don’t forget to read the comments and respond!

If you want to check out Blogspots webinar on this subject the link is:


Diane L. Coville

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