How can I keep track of all my Accounts and Passwords?

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Accounts and Passwords

I found one of the biggest challenges when I entered Social Media was keeping track of all the Profile Names, Accounts and Passwords I had to enter.  Of course, you can choose to prompt your computer to save them but if you do regular desktop clean-ups, it often erases all that saved information.

It can also create problems if your computer crashes or you  buy a new one.

As well, you may be concerned about privacy issues for yourself and on behalf of your clients.

And when I started providing Social Media and other services to clients, I had to keep track of all the Accounts I created for them.  That includes accounts like Ezine Articles, Blogger Sites, Forums, Email Programs like Constant Contact, Software Downloads, Membership Sites and on and on.  I could have just sent emails out to notify them but there had to be a better way to consolidate all that information for them in one place.

I solved this problem by creating a large template in table form whereby I enter all my accounts or those of my clients and include the date they were created.  As I add Accounts, I always forward a copy of the “revised” template to my clients so they have easy access to the Accounts themselves.  This provides them with a sense of security, whereby even if they no longer need your services, they still have access.  I know they greatly appreciate this extra step I take.

In one instance, I gained a client who had a previous Virtual Assistant who provided Social Media Services and then “just disappeared”.  They had no knowledge of what the VA had done or what accounts had been set up or how to access their accounts.  Their VA had specifically used Ping FM to direct RSS feeds into their Social Media Accounts and those feeds were often totally unrelated to  the “brand” and “services” directly relating to the client’s business.  This caused some catestrophic posts to be fed into their accounts and the client was powerless to stop those feeds.

In order to rectify this for my client, I had to do Google Searches to see what accounts had been set up for them and then contact the sites by email or phone to get Profile information (which was a large problem in some cases where they were reluctant to give out that information and needed some kind of confirmation that I was indeed acting on my client’s behalf).  Then I set about changing all the emails and passwords so both the client and I would have that information.  When I provided my Accounts template to them, I heard a huge sigh of relief from my client.

If you have found a better solution, I’d appreciate you sharing your information.

Wishing all a good week.



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