How Facebook Could Prevent You From Getting a Job

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I’m deviating from my usual subject matter today.  I happened to find an article which caught my interest because the subject matter has actually come up before with a question in a Forum.

Someone wanted advice on what the rules were around insisting job seekers provide their Facebook emails and passwords during interviews to the prospective employer.  I’ve heard of more and more companies insisting on a Police Check being provided during the interview process before a final decision is made….but requiring access to an individual’s Facebook account?

The person in the Forum was an employer who wanted to check out prospective employee’s to see if they were a good “fit” or so he said…  What kind of information was he looking for on these individuals that might sway his hiring decision?  And if the applicants refused, were they still considered for the position or were they automatically weeded out as being non-compliant and no longer eligible for the position?

Then I came across this article today:

Job Seekers Asked For Facebook Passwords: Debate Roars

I personally think these companies are going too far because there are no set rules or laws protecting people’s privacy in the Social Media world.  I know friends, family, acquaintances and alliances who don’t necessarily think before they post personal information – they either don’t care or they are unaware that once something is posted on the internet, it NEVER goes away.  Something particularly young teenagers and parents might want to remember.  What you say may come back to haunt you at the worst times.

I feel strongly about this because to date, I have been in the Social Media world for personal and business use for years and on behalf of many of my clients.  And as this medium gets ever popular, I have issues with companies who feel they have a right to know everything about an individuals’ life just because they may be hiring them to do work…where does it end?  Can I assume that before internet, companies used private investigation to check out their employees or use Search Engines to dig up everything in employee’s lives?  Or does Social Media just open up this opportunity to them now?

And unless job seekers protest that they cannot protect their privacy in order to make a living or some internet lawyer or politician decides to take on a crusade to make laws happen, this isn’t going to be governed anytime soon.

Would you pass over your Facebook login and password in order to gain employment?


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