How Foursquare Enhances Local Searches

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Foursquare entered the Social Media world in 2009 and although it seemed to have a slow start it has now become mainstream for users of smartphones and boosting local traffic in businesses.

As of June 2011, the company reported it had 10 million registered users and expected to pass 750 million check-ins before the end of June 2011, with an average of about 3 million check-ins per day. 50 percent of users come from outside US.

What is Foursquare?

It is a free application on smartphones.  For instance, perhaps I have just discovered a great establishment in my area, a local office furniture store that offers new and used office furniture which they buy/sell/lease/trade.  I have found they have great customer service following the sale.  And when in the store, I found they also offer services to renovate existing office space and equipment to make it more efficient and look updated and fresh.  Wow!  That is a great place to share with my business associates and friends locally.

 I use the Foursquare app to “check-in” there – Foursquare actually does a local search for places in the area you are located and this office furniture place may be already listed in which case I just check-in and there is a place I can leave tips like “great customer service”, “huge selection of items”, “having a great 30% sale today”, etc.

I have already personally registered in Foursquare and I can connect with anybody locally or around the world and when I “check-in”, they all receive notification that I am at that establishment.   As well, I have enabled Foursquare to post my “check-in” on my Facebook page and my Twitter account.  If this great business is not listed, I can automatically “add” them in the Foursquare app.  Now they are listed for anyone else who wants to “check-in” with Foursquare.

What if someone reads my check-in and wants more information about this business I’ve discovered?  The business can create their own account online when they go to Foursquare.  They add their name, contact information, special deals and discounts and more information on their products or services.

The Benefits of Putting Your Business on Foursquare?

·        A place you can list your business and where people locally can find you

·        You can add specific information you want your potential customers to know

·        You can offer rewards for visitors who come often

·        You can post specials and deals

·        You can not only reach local buyers but anyone who visits your city, town, etc. when they are in the area or travelling and are searching on their smartphones

·        It gives your customers a chance to “spread the word” about you and give you great recommendations.

The Benefits of Joining Foursquare yourself?

·        You find the specific products/services you need locally or when you are travelling

·        You can see recommendations about the establishments

·        You can win “rewards” the business has set up – a free product or service, a discount for being a regular customer, etc.

Foursquare for business just makes sense….and it is free!

What success stories can you share about Foursquare?

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