How important are Articles, Blogs and Newsletters?

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Content MarketingVERY IMPORTANT!

You may be wondering if you need to pursue the creation of Articles, Blogs and Newsletters.  After all, you are very busy trying to grow your business and have limited time to “create” and distribute marketing material in these formats.


One of my clients chose to pursue Social Media Marketing and “Inbound Marketing” as opposed to her “Outbound Markting” efforts in cold calls and print advertising since she was having a very low ROI (Return on Investment).

I created profiles for her on many Social Networks.  Within 1 month, a prestigious on-line magazine saw her activity on Twitter and offered her the chance to submit blogs or articles for 52 weeks to be posted on their magazine (whose readership is her “target market”).  What an opportunity!  Fifty-two weeks of free advertising to prospective clients.

Writing is not one of her strong points but she did create one Newsletter and she mentioned it was very time-consuming.  Newsletters ARE time-consuming!  Articles and Blogs are typically a little less labour intensive.  They usually contain from as little as 400 words to as much as 1000 or more.  In these documents, you are not only providing information and resources to your readers, you are also branding yourself and your business, exhibiting your expertise and communicating on a regular basis with your past, current and future clients.  Blogs and strategically posted Articles can significantly increase traffic to your website and build your professional presence all over the Internet.

Where do I begin?


Typically you could create one Article a week and post it immediately to the most popular and high traffic sites like EzineArticles and Hub Pages although there are many more out there.  Choose a subject whereby you can provide information and resources OR your views on a subject pertinent to your industry/business/service OR introduce a subject you would like to promote a discussion about.  Schedule your week to include about 1.5 hrs to create that article.  You can either create your own idea for the Article or do some research through Google Search to see what other Articles are out there.  If your strengths to do not include writing, select an Article someone else has posted and “repurpose it”.  That means, you can rewrite it in your own words and post it as your own.  You can even go so far as to include information or suggestions or solutions that address the subject matter.


You can choose to create your own Blog. or or Blogger are the most popular.  You can also create a Blog on your website on an individual page.  Blogs are not “becoming less popular”.   In fact, they are being recognized as a significant marketing tool, especially in the Social Media world.  A typical blog post can take as little as 1/2 hour of your time and you can choose to create 1 each week or 2 or as many as 5 on a weekly basis.  However, be consistent in setting aside the time each week to regularly create them.  OR, it may be easier for you to create two or three at a time and schedule the few minutes it takes to post them at regular intervals.  As with Articles, Blogs can be created by you or you can check out your competitors blogs through Google Search and “repurpose” them to suit your style and branding.  As well, you can enhance them when you “repurpose” them and submit them as your own.

If this appears to be too difficult or time-consuming for you, there are many excellent Virtual Assistants who can provide this service.  Depending on how much you have alloted to your marketing budget, hiring a VA can easily fit into your finances.  You might want to provide the ideas for the subject matter and let your VA research for similar Articles/Blogs or hire a VA to do ghostwriting or copywriting services for you.  And there are VA’s who are familiar with the most strategic places to promote your Articles or Blogs.  I provide all of the above to my clients as part of my Social Media Marketing services.

And don’t forget the most important components of pursuing Blogging and Articles – make sure your content is pertinent, important, genuine and rich in information for your readers.  Another important factor is the SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  Make sure your title is consistent with the content and use the most popular keywords that are content-related to help the search engines find your Articles and Blogs.  And lastly, provide the option of interaction with your readers.  Enable a “comments” box at the bottom of your Articles as well as your Blog and provide the choice to your readers of subscribing to your blogs with the RSS option.

 Diane L. Coville


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