How to Get Creative with your Content Marketing

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Content Marketing IIThere is no doubt that in 2013 Content Marketing must be a key strategy in your marketing efforts.  Not only does it spread the word about your Company and your brand, it gives you a unique way to reach out to your prospects and customers and interact with them to build the “Know-Like-Trust” factor that encourages sales.  And Google now ranks that Content as an integral part in it’s efforts to authenticate your Company on the web.

One of the most frequent questions I get from clients about their Content Marketing is, “I have a great product/service but can you guide me on what content to create?  I have no idea how to start….”

Of course, my answer varies depending on the client and their business.  As an example, I have had several clients who were authors.  Some were just starting out, some were getting ready to publish their first book, some already published their first book and were ramping up to launch a second….  In order to introduce the book, we could:

  • create a Press Release
  • create an eBook with the 1st couple of chapters with an offer
  • blog about the book
  • create an Article
  • do a podcast to discuss the book or be interviewed about the book
  • create a powerpoint presentation and/or video on the book
  • create a landing page on their site and do an email blast to their list

All of the above is a piece of content that can be distributed on the website, through Social Media, on Content sites, through email marketing…

In the process of creating a strategic plan, my clients and I had to collaborate on what goals they hoped to achieve, what forms of content would be most effective and how we would present it.

I’ve also had many clients who have “storefront” businesses – restaurants, products such as office furniture, products for the home, children’s items, accessories, flower shops, catering, etc.  Their previous marketing efforts like mailouts, door-knockers, advertisements and coupons just aren’t producing the sales and customers as they were in the past.  Times have changed and marketing has to change with it.  An online presence is not an option anymore…it is mandatory!

For businesses such as these, a great example of how to be creative in order to be most effective is illustrated well in a case study provided by Copyblogger in a recent post:

What types of content have you had success with in growing your business?


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