How to Grow Your Business with New Skills and Training

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LearningChallenging!  That’s how I describe this week…

When you are working from home, there are many advantages and disadvantages.   This week personal business had to become a priority for part of my week and blew my organized schedule into chaos.  More about personal/professional life balance will be a future topic for this blog but I have a more pressing topic for today.

I have leaped into 2009 with more clients.  I am so grateful that my diligence and hard work is starting to pay off with repeat business and new business and plenty of upcoming opportunities so far this year.

 I have also taken steps to enhance my skills and experience with taking some courses which I mentioned in last week’s blog.  What better time than to start the year off right by enhancing the skills I have and acquiring the expertise needed to further help my clients.  In these tough economic times, small and medium business are looking to trim their  budgets but at the same time fine-tune their sales and marketing plans to reach their “target market” in the most cost-effective way.   The most important way I can help my clients, I feel, is the Social Marketing course I am attending through the VA Classroom.  It is a natural progression for me, since my background and experience has been in sales/marketing and is truly what I love to do.  You can find the VA Classroom at:

They provide great training to Virtual Assistants who have decided to acquire “specialist” status in many skills.  There is definitely a trend in business today to specialize.

 And now, back to my training….

 Diane L. Coville


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