Introducing my new Blog

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bloggingThis is my first post to my new BLOG!

Rather than highlighting everything in the past 2 weeks, I can say I have moved progressively forward in my business.

I have gained a new client.  I have now  become a member of 4 VA Assistant “Teams”.

I was invited to join a VA Mastermind group through Google groups.  Our first conference call went very well.  If anyone would like to join you are welcome.  Go to:  There is no charge for joining this group and we are into mentoring, sharing and much, much more.  Check us out!

I was also invited to be interviewed by a writer in Toronto who is doing an article for Costco about how technology is utilized in various businesses.  Helllllooooo – Virtual Assistants do ALL their business using the various software on the internet today.  And since he wasn’t aware of what Virtual Assistance is, I gave him plenty of examples of how we depend on the technology out there.

I discovered a very good reference site recently that provides information on .exe programs.  I thought this might be of some use if you are your own IT person.

Example:  your computer is running “something” in the background and slowing down your programs.  You go into Task Manager and there is a listing of all the processes that are currently running on your computer.  So you see a program called (for example) TeaTimer.exe and don’t have a clue what program that is associated with (or if it is some kind of invasive program that is a tracker on your computer).  Now you can find out what all your .exe programs are and what other programs they are associated with.
The link is:  Just enter in the .exe program.  This site will identify it for you and all the programs associated with it.
I hope with each week’s blog that I can share much more information on Virtual Assistance as well as items associated with running a small business, and especially a home-based office.

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