Is Facebook the Place to Market B2B?

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Facebook for BusinessIn one of the LinkedIn Groups I belong (Inbound Marketers), a question was posted:

You’re a B2B firm, do you use FaceBook?

I can hardly believe businesses don’t get the value of Social Media Marketing  for Business and having a Facebook Business Page whether their target market is B2B or B2C, but from the comments under that question, it appears many businesses consider Facebook only for B2C!

If you are a Facebook user, check out the feeds on your wall,  Many of your friends have no doubt “liked” business pages that interest them – I know many of the big corporations my friends have liked such as Dell, Tim Hortons, Best Buy, Staples – Business Depot, CBC, Presidents Choice, Toyota, Home Depot, Rogers Wireless, Telus and Avon,  to name a very few have recognized the value of Facebook to connect.

As well, industry specific companies like Real Estate Agents (both commercial and residental), Lawyers (both Family and Corporate), Software Companies (for personal or business), IT Companies and also any other companies in different industries have jumped into Facebook.  Did you know that non-Profits include Facebook very highly in their marketing efforts?

I certainly have highly recommended to my local clients, both established and new businesses, that to build their presence in their communities, Facebook is a MUST!  My clients are about a 50/50 split between B2B and B2C.

An example:  a local business who sells Business Furniture.  By joining local people in his community, no doubt many of them are business owners or work in local businesses.  He not only can target local people who live in the community but find other businesses in the community through them and by interacting with both his personal profile and his business page, he will be able to establish a strong presence for himself and his business and reach his target market or ideal clients.

Another example:  an account rep for wireless services whose target market is small businesses – she “found” me through Facebook and offered me a great deal for my business – I was a happy new customer and eagerly referred alliances and clients alike to contact her if they weren’t happy with their wireless providers, mostly through Facebook as I have many connections with small businesses in my community.

Of course, depending on the size of your Company, what your products or services are  and where your market “hangs out” on the internet, I can guarantee that some of your best clients/customers can be found on Social Media sites and Facebook specifically.

Larger corporations just have to define where their target market can be found and create a strategy for their marketing efforts that will effectively build on their connections in order to build their brand, communicate with their customers, share information, make new product or service announcements and create deals to entice their followers.

Let’s face it – almost everyone is now a Facebook user whether they use it for just connecting with friends and family or whether they are also using it for business purposes, purchasing decisions, information or whatever.  Personally, I have noticed recently that family and friends of mine who shied away from being a Facebook user in the past have finally decided to join and are learning fast that it is a source of all sorts of information beyond just communicating with those people they already know.  They are starting to take part in contests, liking pages of businesses they know and trust, seek information on new ventures and interests, etc.

So far in my experience, there hasn’t been a business out there that I couldn’t develop a Facebook marketing strategy for…can you think of any?

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