Is your Website Mobile Friendly?

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Have you checked to see how your website displays on smartphones – is it mobile friendly?You may wonder why you would want to know how your website looks.

Recent statistics show that more cell phone users have moved to smartphones in the last year.  In fact, here are just some of the stats:

Recent sales stats (US and Canada):

§  Nielsen report that 46% of US mobile phone owners have a smartphone as of Q4 2011.

§  comScore estimate average US smartphone ownership at 41.8% of mobile subscribers or 98 million people for the same period.

§  They give an equivalent number for Canada of 45.3%.

§  A Pew Internet Project survey from February 2012 found 46% of US adults owned a smartphone. The figure is 71% among 25-34 year-olds.

You can read the full report by Mark Brownlow, July 2012  here:

Hewlett Packard and Dell report their sales of laptops have decreased up to 15% in the last year.  Why?  Because market research shows that fewer people are using computers – they are relying on their smartphones and tablets instead.

So even though you may have invested your money in a great website to establish your presence on the internet, many people will NOT be accessing your website from their computers.  They will be using their smartphones or tablets to find businesses that get listed in the search engines.  And if your website has not been adapted to be mobile friendly, you may be losing a large chunk of business because of it.  Below are 2 websites, one is mine which IS mobile friendly and the other is  a restaurant which HAS NOT been made mobile ready.

You may notice that Example #1 can be seen but it is not easy to see what this restaurant offers and how to find them.

You can either try accessing your website by way of your smartphone to see how it displays or there is a great website you can go to which will display what smartphone users will see when they access your site.  The site is called GoToMeter and can be found here:

Many thought leaders are looking to a very bright future with Mobile Marketing and all the apps being developed to make it easy for smartphone users to locate businesses and information they want and even buy right away.  And now all kinds of businesses are making it easier for their customers by using apps that will allow customers to reserve seats at restaurants, reserve taxi’s, book vacations, buy their products by smartphone and even pay ahead.

Are you using your smartphone to find products and services?  Have you bought anything on your Smartphone?  Please share your experiences.






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