Make A Referral Week

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ReferralsAs I progress through my client work, predominately Social Media Marketing at this point, as well as continuing with my VA Classroom course, I come across more amazing information every day through my research and connections.  There is an ever changing world out there that can be accessed through the internet and lots of resources to learn and grow.  I found one very ambitious and innovative site recently that I want to share.

In light of the economy and what can be done to boost it through small business, an event has been created online and hosted by many large profile organizations such as the BNI and Microsoft Small Business. I think this is an excellent way to promote small business as we all know that small business grows mainly through referrals.

This is the url:

They are shooting for 1000 referrals from March 9th to 13th but I think that with sufficient publicity, this target can be not only met but exceeded substantially if we all participate.

And if that isn’t a good enough incentive, check out the email that is sent when you sign up and scroll down to see the additional benefits of signing up.

Rather than listen to all the doom and gloom issued by the media about the economy and the businesses that are failing or downsizing, there are so many positive strategies we can adopt to keep our businesses thriving and growing and this “challenge” is a very positive way to make that happen.

How do you feel about this challenge?  Does it encourage you to participate?  What other ideas do you have to encourage small businesses?  As well, what should government do to promote small business?

Diane L. Coville

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