How to Market Better Online in 2014

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On-Line MarketingThe end of the first half of 2014 is almost upon us and many businesses are reviewing how their Marketing Plan is working so far.  Whether you have a Marketing Department, do it yourself or outsource, are you keeping track of your results so far?  Do you adjust your Plan based on your results going forward?  Do you know how to market better online in 2014?

You may have questions about where and how you should spend your time on Social Media to get the best results…  Businesses know they MUST have a presence on Social Media but find it challenging on the best way to utilize what is available and what will work best for them.  There are so many choices on which platforms work best – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, You Tube, Pinterest and more.  Should you invest in paid ads?  Should you purchase an Integrated Marketing Platform to streamline your time and results?  What Social Media Integration tools are available?  How important is focusing on Content Marketing and why?  So many questions and where to find the answers?

One great resource for adjusting your Plan to Market Better Online in 2014 is the “2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report” recently released by Social Media Examiner and available for download until May 31st, 2014.

This Report is abundant with valuable information from Marketers on the who, what, when, where and why of Social Media and what future plans they are focusing on.  The Report contains 70+ valuable charts, giving you insights you otherwise would not have had access to.

I highly recommend this Report which is distributed annually.  It has been invaluable in my on-line marketing Strategic Plan for myself and my clients.


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