Migration of Old Programs and Files from Old Computer to New

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Laptop ComputerThis week has been another learning experience.  I finally scrapped my 4.5 year old computer with very limited RAM and Hard Drive and purchased a new laptop with attached docking station to act as my desktop.  It is a dedicated “business” computer which can accommodate all my multi-tasking and desktop publishing activities.

I have done this once before when I switched from my antiquated Compaq Presario desktop to the eMachines I bought almost 5 years ago.  I don’t remember it taking so long to migrate all my data and programs from one computer to another back then but I was not using the Presario for business activities, so the transition was easy.

Some months ago, through one of the Techie Blogs I subscribe to, it was mentioned that a very reliable program called PC Mover was being offered to the public in a “free download” which would seemlessly migrate everything on my old computer to my new one.  Supposedly it would cut the timeframes to about 15 minutes as opposed to many hours.  Since I took advantage of the free download, I was soooo happy to have it when I did the recent switch to the new laptop.  Well……  turned out the free download provided me with the program BUT in order to use it, I had to “purchase” an activation code.  Not so free after all!

And in mentioning it to some of my techie friends, I found that there are many programs out there that boast they can do the migration quickly and efficiently but in actual fact, they sometimes miss programs and files if there are any compatibility issues between the machines.  Nice thing to know BEFORE you plan to do the switch!  After many hours, I am now almost finished and ready to proceed with client work more efficiently with no “virtual memory low” error messages or freeze-ups.

I am also still planning and developing my strategies for the New Year… have you finished yours yet?  Have you decided on 2 or 3 items that you will concentrate on or do you have a long list?  Have you developed a point-by-point action plan?  I’d appreciate some feedback from my readers about this subject.

Happy New Year everyone!

Diane L. Coville


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