Networking – a Vitual Part of your Marketing Plan

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NetworkingMy 3rd blog and it has been a passable week.  I have 3 prospective clients and all as a result of social networking and attending eseminars.

As happens, client work was not in high demand so I worked “on my business” instead of “in my business”.  In small and medium business, networking is all important in building relationships with local businesses and your “target market”.  I never go into the meeting/event with the idea of selling my services.  I go in to meet people and be recognized as another business owner.  I “may” connect with someone who is in need of my services BUT I may also meet up with someone whose services I need or someone I know may need in the future.  Most all businesses are built on referrals from clients and people you know.

In the virtual business, it is also important to connect with business owners over the internet.  I have memberships with several Virtual Assistant organizations.  There are seminars and elearning events going on all through the month.  Not ony do I attend as many as I can to learn, but it is a good way of socializing with other Virtual Assistants online.  As well, Social Networking is ever growing and expanding.  I have been invited by unknown businesses who want to know more about my business.  As well, I have invited many of my former clients, colleagues in past companies I worked for as well as present businesses I have formed relationships with.

Several years ago, I networked locally and met an amazing woman who had gone through many critical life experiences.  I was very impressed with her outlook on life and how she had started her business.  Four years later, she finds me through social networking and she remembers me as well.  Seems her business has blossomed and she asked me to describe what services I offer.  There appears to be a strong possibility that she is looking for my services, simply because we already know each other, even if it was briefly.  Networking may not have immediate results, but you never know who you will meet or who they know that might require your company down the road.

Diane L. Coville

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