Reasons You Should Be Blogging for Your Business

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I started blogging for the first time in September 2008.   At first, I was experimenting and I wasn’t concerned about how many visitors I was getting, even though I knew it was important.

However, when VA Classroom announced their new Blog Marketing Course at the beginning of August, I signed up immediately.  After all, I have already become Certified as a Social Media Marketing Specialist as a result of taking their Social Media Marketing Course and I was certain I would learn much more about marketing my blog.  VA Classroom can be found at:

Not only can I apply this new knowledge to my own blog, but I have been advising my clients that blogging is an excellent way to show their expertise and drive traffic to their websites.  It has certainly had a positive effect on the readership of my blog and driven traffic to my site.  With the knowledge I gain, I can apply the same strategies to boost traffic to my client’s blogs.

Today, I received an email from one of the blogs I subscribe to.  Hubspot’s post is “Study Shows Small Businesses that Blog get 55% More Website Visitors.”

Stats show that businesses that blog get:

  1. 55% more visitors
  2. 97% more inbound links
  3. 434% more indexed pages

Their blog can be found here:

And, there is so much more you can do to utilize your blog to gain income as I have been learning at VA Classroom.  No doubt I will be addressing this subject in more detail in the coming weeks.

How about you – do you have a blog?  Feel free to post a comment and don’t forget to provide a link to your blog!

 Diane L. Coville

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