RFPs or Requests for Proposal

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Request for ProposalThis week I gained a new client.  I responded to an RFP (Request for Proposal) 3 months ago and her project was deferred but it finally came through!  See my tip of the week below…

I also got published on the web with an article I had written!  I donated it to another Virtual Assistant’s newsletter.  It never hurts to donate and share….

It has also been a week of “repairs”.  I have a laptop for on-site work for a few clients.  It went to “blue screen” this week which means I had to wipe the drive clean back to “factory state”.  I made up recovery disks for both my desktop and laptop.  I discovered that laptops now keep the “factory state” (the hardware and software loaded when you purchase the laptop) stored safely on the hard drive and it will reformat the entire hard disk and restore it to the state it was delivered with.  Of course, all data and software that had been added was wiped clean and had to be re-installed.

Every week I get notifications of prospective clients looking for Virtual Assistant services on a daily, weekly or monthly basis or on a project.  Whether they are seeking a Virtual Assistant or a “Freelancer”, the way to apply is compose a Request for Proposal to submit for the position or project.  Some weeks there are so many opportunities it is hard to keep up with them all, but I endeavour to respond to as many as I am qualified for.  There are many standard templates on the web you can follow.  I always include one paragraph at least which starts out as “Of Particular Note” whereby I address the requirements supplied for the prospective position to illustrate what experience I have had that pertains directly to those requirements.  Each Request for Proposal is composed to directly address that specific position or project.  It is time-consuming but well worth the effort.  A standard generic template will not do!  DO NOT be disillusioned by lack of responses to your Proposals.  It can take days/weeks/months for the client to respond for a variety of reasons.  Some clients contact me immediately but many take weeks or months to respond. 

And this week, since it ends with our last Canadian long weekend holiday (Thanksgiving), I have resolved to take one day of well earned vacation after 3 years of having none.  It is my first step to restoring a work/life balance that I have ignored for too long.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Diane L. Coville


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