Social Media – It is all about Networking

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Social MediaThis has been a particularly productive week.  And it revolved around my never-ending quest for more information and training on all aspects of Virtual Assistance, social networking and gaining 2 new clients as well as 2 new projects for a past client.  I also acquired a new software program that will allow me to provide more services to my existing and future clients.  And I had a another “first” in business this week. 

I attended the IVAA OnLine Conference today.  It was well worth the price of admission.  Their agenda was packed with information and tips that will be invaluable in the weeks and months to come as I grow my business.  I will certainly be waiting to hear when their next Conference rolls around next year.

Social Media is a very up and coming marketing tool which is growing by leaps and bounds.  I have had a Facebook account for about a year now and I haven’t used it for business, but more personal.  After attending a seminar this week about the applications on Facebook that I didn’t even know existed, I will be accessing it more often to do social networking.  I joined LinkedIn over a year ago and it has grown phenominally.  I also have joined many VA groups as well as small business groups through Google and LinkedIn and Facebook.  Regular visits to these sites and through email communication and regular postings to it’s members gains me credibility and familiarity with other members.  Through Yahoo Groups I joined the SOHO Business Group in the greater Toronto area, and a few months ago was approached by a freelance writer who was interested in interviewing people who operate their business on the internet with the use of many types of technology.  Well hellloooo – Virtual Assistants rely on technology to provide their services to clients around the world.  We had a very pleasant telephone conversation and this week, I received my copy of the Costco Connection for November/December….. and there was an article by my freelance writer friend whereby he quoted me, mentioned my name and my company, ALTERNATIVE OFFICE ASSISTANCE.  What a wonderful surprise that was.  My company and my name in print in a magazine for small business.  WOW!

I wonder if it is coincidence that since starting this blog, I have been taking giant steps to increase my business and solidify my credibility and expertise in this industry.  It is a very good feeling.

Diane L. Coville

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