Social Proof that Social Media for Business Works!

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Social Proof

Have you noticed the huge shift that seems to have been growing substantially since the beginning of 2011?

When I first entered into activity in Social Media in 2008, I immediately recognized the impact it had with my business and it convinced me that if my first steps were getting results, how much better would I do if I actually acquired some courses and certifications to learn more?  When I had completed the courses, I acquired a much more focused understanding of how to strategize, implement and experience desired results and success in my marketing efforts. My enthusiasm about this new medium bubbled over and countless colleagues and clients came to me to learn more. I shared as much as I could at the time but encouraged them to do the research and if they were as convinced as I was that Social Media was becoming their best choice to add to their marketing efforts, they should take courses as I had to understand and implement this phenomenal way of reaching their target market of new clients.

By 2009, Social Media was growing by huge leaps and bounds and in 2010, it was even hard for me to keep up with all the new ways to use Social Media for business. It seemed like every day a new software developer, group, thought leader or company was inventing yet another way to get the job done and that trend has continued in 2011.

But what became even more obvious with the New Year was that those “doubters” who had held back, still thinking Social Media was a fad, suddenly acknowledged that Social Media is here to stay and even more so, if they didn’t start taking part now, they would never catch up to their competition who already had an established presence. I found that large companies and organizations who held onto the old tried and true marketing methods could no longer ignore the success stories which continually kept pouring in through all the media – print, radio, television – and they capitulated and said “let’s do it”.

Businesses galore were still doing radio, television and print ads but a big part of their message was suddenly inviting the public to “join them” on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn rather than focusing on their website.

I have long been a fan and follower of Michael Stelzner and his Social Media Examiner On-line Magazine. With his huge rise in popularity since 2009, it is not hard to see why he continues to grow with the wealth of information he provides daily with the contributions of some of the top Social Media experts in the world.

Recently, he released the latest results based on surveys completed by small, medium and large businesses in their social media efforts and experiences. You can get a free copy of his 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report. It is packed with valuable facts, figures and charts – the Social Proof of Social Media for business.


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