Teleseminars and Webinars – a Great Training Ground

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Girl Viewing WebinarHalfway through January and where is the month going?  It’s not my favourite month so that’s okay with me.  Too much cold and snow!

I have noticed this month I have been inundated with notifications of free teleseminars on all manner of topics and it is hard to pick and choose which ones I will sign up for and where I will devote some time to learning and increasing my skills and experience.   I’m wondering who else has signed up for courses and whether you are just gathering all kinds of information that is available on the net or whether you are focusing on one or two subjects?

When I do attend, I take screenprints of the slide presentations, record the seminars for future reference and offer to forward this information to other alliances I have who have been unable to attend or are seeking that specific information for their use.

As I move forward in my business, I am contemplating where I will require further training, resources and skills to improve the services I provide to my clients.  There are endless resources on the internet and experts offering to share their skills and knowledge to others.  And if you are into Twitter as I have been more lately, I am amazed at the generous sharing of  information provided by almost everyone in that network  in every conceivable area by way of blogs, newsletters, audio and visual.

I have attended countless teleseminars/webinars and although it takes time away from my client work, it is an essential use of my time to attend and learn and “network” with other attendees.  I am always prepared to take notes so I don’t forget the abundance of information provided and file away for reference later.  And many speakers provide free tips and tricks in pdf to take away.  I have learned SO much and am putting to use the new skills I am learning as a result. 

There are many sources for these teleseminars/webinars.   A few of the  places I frequent are:

I can only say a heartfelt thank you to all the speakers who have provided these events and helped me immeasureably.

Diane L. Coville


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