Twitter and How It Works

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TwitterIt’s been a good week despite the bone-chilling cold and snow.  I finally got the repairs finished on my car since the accident on December 8th.  I am glad to have my “wheels” back in good working order.

I have also progressed quite well on client work,  have an upcoming project from a returning client and volunteered to do some work for one of the organizations I belong to, the Canadian Virtual Assistant Connection.  I also devoted some important time to learn through a couple of on-line teleseminars/webinars.

 I have touched on the subject of social networking before and I am back there again.  I also added Tweetdeck to my on-line social networking this week.  Of the 4 networks I take part in – Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (being the top 3), as well as Muchmor which is a Canadian network, I find Twitter the most hard to comprehend and learn and I didn’t “get it” at first, but I am now beginning to see the light. 

There is so much information and so many people, and so many Tweets, it can be overwhelming and very time-consuming AND distracting.  Once you join, you begin by searching out “friends, alliances and business connections” who may also be part of the endless network in Twitter.  I “follow” them, they are notified and they may or may not decide to “follow” me.  There is a line at the top of the page where you type in “what you are doing”…   You could enter once or twice a day, once a week, or endlessly like some group members.  You can read what your “network of connections” are writing in their Tweets (short notes – no more than 140 characters) and read the multitude of links they provide and share of endless free tips, tricks, notifications of events, seminars, webinars, information, referrals, questions and more… 

And I periodically check out the connections of my “followers” and my “follows” and then add to my connections.  It is also good Twitter etiquette to acknowledge those that follow you by Tweeting them.  It can get very confusing but Tweetdeck (mentioned above) will funnel all the activity in your Twitter account into a “dashboard” that you can organize and streamline.  I am just in the initial stage of investigating what other benefits there are in Tweetdeck

Although I have not yet fully utilized my Twitter account, I can see MANY benefits and many people have reported they have gained HUGE in making connections and gaining clients.  As well, when you are typing in your Tweets, don’t forget to be mindful of what you are saying.   You can be as personal and/or professional as you desire.  I, however, keep my Tweets to 95% business.

I think it is well worth the time to investigate Twitter to see the benefits for yourself.

Have a good week everyone!

Diane L. Coville

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