How To Update Your Website – Get Current!

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Website on Laptop


How long has it been since you updated your Website?

I recently attended some Hubspot Webinars with regard to the old versus new Search Engine Optimization.  One item mentioned was somewhat related to how our websites are updated and changed over time…..something I hadn’t really thought about.

I used a website called:  Wayback Machine to get a screen capture of the evolution of my website from 2005 until 2013.  In that period of time I transitioned from a Virtual Assistant offering  general administrative support skills, to a Virtual Social Media Marketing Specialist, to a Virtual Inbound Marketing Specialist.

1st Screenshot of Earlier AOA Website 12nd Screenshot of Earlier AOA Website

Each time I took certification courses to grow my skills and expertise, I had to change my website and Social Media Accounts to reflect those specialty services.

When I acquire a new client, one of my first steps is to evaluate their website and their Social Media accounts to see how current they are – their consistent branding, their marketing message, the keywords they use, and most importantly, if their website reflects exactly what they are offering in products and services.

Since websites are the main hub for all your online marketing (and reflects a big portion of your on-line marketing budget), it only makes sense to update your content to be current so a visitor receives a clear understanding of the “why and how” your Company can benefit them.

You can update your website with:

  • New products and/or services
  • Consistently adding content like:
    1.  Blog posts
    2.  Sharing information
    3.  New images
    4.  Adding popular Infographics
    5.  Updating contact information
    6.  Offering free eBooks or Articles
    7.  Adding Videos
    8.  Adding a shopping cart system for buying Online
    9.  Adding Resources
    10.  Updating keywords and meta descriptions to be indexed by Google
    11.  Adding “Share” Buttons to your Social Media Accounts

Did you know that every time you make changes to your website, the Google search ‘s will find and update and return more often to scan your website for additional changes?  If your website is static with no changes, Google searches and indexes it less often.

When was your last update to your site?

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