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I recently got “tagged” by Janet Barclay, owner of  Organized Assistant who was tagged, in turn, by Sheila Sheffield of Tree Beginnings who came up with the  Green Challenge!  The challenge is to pass on three ideas about how you try to minimize your impact on the environment, then tag 5 more bloggers to carry it on.

Since January is fast approaching with a fresh New Year ahead, I have been strategizing for 2010 – what worked in 2009 and what didn’t and  how I want to move forward in 2010.  Of course, the economy and the shift in how businesses are operating in this recession plays a large part in the strategizing process and those who do not pay attention to the changes and think the old “tried and true” methods will still produce desired results, should take pause and do a little research.  Just my opinion…

Most of my strategies involve my company, but that directly relates to my personal side as well, being a small business owner and an entrepreneur.  And one big shift I have been working toward is going GREEN. 

Therefore, my three ideas for minimizing my impact on the environment are as follows:

Garbage Waste:

Like Janet, I also recycle and compost. 

On the business side, anything that is still useable, whether it be company related like office equipment, office supplies or the like, is taken to Goodwill or a company that recycles business related items.  I even check for used items that I need for my business such as a filing cabinet or office chair before I look to purchase new items.  I also reuse paper – if printing is on one side, I often print on the other side as well for unofficial documents and also use for scrap paper for writing notes.

On the personal side, I send items like gently used clothing, cooking utensils, books and appliances to Goodwill.  I buy a lot of food items in reusable containers – plastic or glass containers that can be reused to store leftovers or dry goods items that I buy in bulk from Bulk Barn.  When they are broken or damaged, they go to the recycle bin.

Car Usage:

Being virtual, I already have reduced my car travel as I work from my home office and only, when necessary, do on site work for clients.  And when I am out doing site work, I incorporate my runarounds for errands into the same trip, saving gas, time and money.  The bank, drug store and food store are not within walking distance but I do have a bus that stops right outside my door.  I shun drive thrus – no wasteful idling for me.


Computer on standby or shut off when not in use.  Low watt, energy saving light bulbs, LED Xmas lights, TVs and lights turned off when no-one is in a room, cold wash laundry & minimal use of dryer.

And these are the bloggers I am tagging:

I realize this is a very busy time of year, but would appreciate your comments and suggestions on how to contribute to going green and link love.

Diane L. Coville

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