What You Need to Know About Your Website Domain

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Website DomainI didn’t gain any more new clients this week, but present clients have added extra services to their list of needs which indicates I am forming a professional relationship with my clients who can identify how I can assist them in their administrative tasks as well as trust that the work will be done to their satisfaction.  And every week now I schedule at least one webinar/eseminar to add to my knowledge and skills.  I DOOOO love my job!

Since I have been very busy doing client work, I really couldn’t think of something to share.  Then I realized I did.  I found a site by accident and it brought back some very vivid memories of an incident that happened to me over 2 years ago.  It was a case of “you don’t know what you don’t know”!

I hear many new Virtual Assistants asking if it is pertinent to get a website.  Since most or all of our work comes by way of the internet, how are your clients going to find you unless you have an on-line presence?  How are you going to market to clients?   With my first company (before Virtual Assistance) I knew nothing about websites except when I was surfing around.  So when a company (say it is called Company X) was recommended to me that would buy my “domain name” (the website address) as well as offer to create the website for me or provide software whereby I could create my own easily without HTML knowledge, I jumped at it.  However, what I didn’t know was that the Company X ALSO knew very little about websites.  Their servers were hacked in December 2006 (over 2 years after I had signed on with them) and they didn’t know it!. All their clients websites were lost. (all 665 of them)  And they had bought everyone’s domain name. 

Oh, they bought them in the clients name alright but registered the domains with Company X’s email address.  Everything the domain registry company sends out will go to Company X, not to the client.  If any client wants to make changes, they have to go through Company X.  When Company X was unable to restore the lost websites, they refused to turn over the domains to their clients (I suppose in hopes of not losing all the clients until the websites were recreated or restored).

In June of 2006, all the clients were still waiting to have their websites restored.  Now that was more than 6 months of no on-line presence.  All my contact information included my website and no-one going there would be able to see it.  I could only imagine those clients whose websites were their bread and butter, where they sold their products and services directly like a store.  They would be “virtually” without a business.  I quickly learned with ALTERNATIVE OFFICE ASSISTANCE how to obtain my own domain address.  It was so easy!  And I had complete control of that address.  Nobody could take that away or manage it for me.  I recently, through Google Search, found a site where they were selling almost exactly the same package to Virtual Assistants.  “They would be happy to buy the domain for you and create your website.  You wouldn’t have to do a thing!”   Well…….I learned my lesson the hard way.

Have a great week, everyone, and to my US clients and associates, have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Diane L. Coville


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