What you Need to Know to Buy a New Computer

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Computer LaptopThis has been a very good week.  I have been fortunate to get more clients and issue more quotes.  The article in which I appear in the Costco Connection has lead to a few calls from those who have read it and contacted me.  I have been working most of the week on client projects.  AND, I have been exploring the many facets of the Social Networking scene.  I truly believe that this avenue of marketing on-line is going to grow substantially in 2009.  I know because I have seen how much it has done for my business in just the last couple of months.

I also have a dilemna.  My desktop computer  is over 4 years old and with my almost 24/7 usage, it has now started to slow down and has memory issues.  So do I upgrade my RAM and hard drive space or do I start shopping and comparing to get a more sophisticated machine to handle my growing needs and those of my clients?  I think the answer is obvious.  The cost of upgrading as opposed to new is fractional.

Buying a New Computer

For those who need to buy new, shop around before you purchase.  I start by visiting sites and blogs where there are news and reviews about all the new technology on the marketplace as well as reviews on the products by Google searching the Manufacturer and the Model #.    Then I start checking out the main suppliers.  I determine what “I need” to have a functional machine for my purposes.  I check out their ready-made models as well as what it costs for them to “build my ideal computer”.   I then check with in-direct suppliers such as Tiger Direct (www.tigerdirect.com or www.tigerdirect.ca) and speak with one of their representatives to see if they can offer me a special or a deal.  I have purchased a few items from them and was completely satisified that they stand behind their sales.  There are many such suppliers out there.  I check out the deals from Staples, Future Shop, The Source, etc. but I have heard of many unhappy customers when they buy from those sources.  Many times, we think we are getting a good deal but don’t really know that the warranties are very limited, there are delays in replacing defective parts or the entire computer and what looks like a good package for software and hardware doesn’t really meet our needs.  Computers are a significant investment and proper research and “shopping around” is well worth your time in order to be completely satisfied with your purchase.

Another very busy week ahead…but I hear S. Ontario is going to experience weather akin to another Indian Summer and that is good news with winter just around the corner!

Diane L. Coville


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