Why do I Need A Website?

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Websites 2So you’ve started your business and everyone seems to have a website but you are not sure if it is worth the expense and how it will grow your business?

Example:  I recently googled a business for a friend of mine.  They had offered her a part-time position and then didn’t get back to her.  So, being the internet marketer I am and having had many, many years of internet experience, I decided to do some research.  Guess what?  The only place Google found them was a listing on a Kijiji (free classified) site.  Just a listing with no contact information and a generic Google email.  And the hits on that listing amounted to 50 in 6 months.  That alone told me that this was not a Company yet!

In six months, they had not created a website, had not created a “business” email and very few were looking for them on the net.  (It is not a brick and mortar business like a dry cleaners or a dress shop.)   This is a service provider for chiropractic assessments.  If this company was genuine and trying to grow, they would have had a website where doctors and health care professionals would be looking for them on the net and potential patients would be seeking them. 

The Benefits of a Website:

Having even a simple website these days is the best way to market what you do and provide information to pinpoint your expertise.  The cost to obtain a domain name can range around $7.99 and up depending who you buy it from and is a yearly rate.  A webhost who provides the space for your site on the net can range from about $90 a year up, depending on who you choose and what you want on your site – simple description of your business, contact information and some information about you and your products and/or services to the more elaborate requirements like “shopping carts”, multiple tabs with links, directories, data bases, sales pages, etc.  And your webhost will offer usually unlimited email addresses that show your Company is professional.

If you own a computer and you are in business, most likely the first place you will look for information is on the internet.  How many people do you know who pick up the Yellow Pages first?  Not many any more…  Not to mention the significantly higher cost of a Yellow Pages “local” ad in relation to the pennies a month you pay for advertising your business on the entire internet with it’s millions of users worldwide.  Even local businesses see the benefits of having a professional presence on the net.

And the end result of  having your presence (website) on the internet states quite clearly that you are genuine business and your personalized email will too.

 Diane L. Coville


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