Why Should You Consider Mentoring?

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This week has once again proven to be a very successful one.  I am winding down to finish one project for a client and has been approved on another for them.  I have also gained another new client. 

 And through one of the groups I am subscribed to, I took a little time to answer a survey that one member sent out and she contacted me directly.  She has offered to post any articles or eBooks I have done to her website for her clients with a link to my site.   And I, in turn, can see a benefit to my clients – past, present and future – to be able to view her site for valuable resources in growing their businesses.  Her site provides plenty of information and support: 


In a previous post, I mentioned that there is an article on Technology in Business featured in the Costco Connection publication for November/December where my name and business are mentioned.  I have received 6 calls so far as a result of that article – I gained 2 new clients as a direct result of that article and hope to have at least a few more in the coming weeks.  I also received 4 requests from ladies who, for various reasons, requested some of my time to mentor and share as they endeavour to enter the profession of Virtual Assistance.

My schedule has been very busy but I feel that “giving back” is very important.  I have had telephone conversations with all of them and followed up with emails with links to assist them in their research and education.  And that leads me to my tip for this week.

I went through the Self Employment Assistance Program with the Federal Government to start a business in September 2004.  In one of our classroom sessions, one of the “presenters/coaches” made a point which I disagreed with at the time.  They said “don’t give out any information or assistance unless there will be a guaranteed return on the investment of your time”.  I have addressed this in a previous posting.  You never know when you are networking who will become a client or refer you to someone they know who needs your services.  And that can be as true when you are talking to others in your own profession/industry.  I can choose 2 paths when I am approached by another VA.  I can choose what I think is the “negative” path which is looking at this person as “direct competition”.   OR, I can choose to think of this person as an “alliance”.

I choose the latter.    I chose it when I was working dilligently to learn and grow my business.  I found I always learned from others (and still do).  And now that I am seeing success, is there any reason why I should not continue to share and mentor?  I can think of many more “benefits” from sharing and mentoring than negatives.  And it feels so good to give back.

What do you think?  Is mentoring worth your time?

And, a few weeks ago we had our first taste of snow!  This weekend we had our first full snowstorm with more coming.  It was a “winter wonderland” outside my window this morning.  And I spent a good portion of today clearing away that “wonderland” from my deck and driveway – all 22cm of that nice white, wet, heavy stuff.  Happy Winter everybody!

Diane L. Coville


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