Contact Management/CRM Management

Contact ManagementOne of the biggest mistakes in Business is to do all the marketing and networking to gain new clients and then once the product is sold, the project is finished or the service is provided, the client is forgotten.

The old saying “it is harder to get new customers than to retain past and present customers…” is so true.

Do you have a Contact Management system or CRM (Customer Relation Management) system in place?

There are a lot of software programs you can buy (Access) or purchase an online program (Salesforce) whereby you can not only enter your prospect’s AND/OR  customer’s contact information, but document purchases, activity, communications, etc.

Some of these programs also have built in follow-up systems whereby you can keep in touch with your customers for future sales, announcements about new products and services, discounts or sales coming up, and for referrals.

We can manage your program with data entry, reminders, email blasts, newsletters and updates to your data base.

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