Alarming Ways to do your Online Marketing

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Alarming Online MarketingRecently I have encountered 2 ways of “new” online marketing that I will never recommend to clients.


BIG MARKETING FAIL #1:  The Deceptive Opt-in

Often you will see opt-ins on Social Media posts offering something free if you sign up.  I sometimes sign up for the free PDF eBook or Report.  But I am going to be watching even more carefully on what they ask for in the opt-in, i.e. your telephone number.  There is often NO promise from the provider that they WILL NOT share your information, and if they do but intentionally share it anyway, it is very hard to prove.

I signed up for 2 items in the last few weeks.  I willingly added my phone number because that field is mandatory, however, I assumed they wanted that for a follow-up upsell call.  Apparently they wanted to share it as well.  I have, since the opt-ins, been receiving up to 24 calls a day from numbers in the US, Canada and other parts of the world trying to pitch sales for credit cards, grand vacations, Microsoft/Windows repair calls, duct cleaning, donations of money to causes, etc.  It was pretty easy to connect the dots between the opt-ins with my phone number and all these sudden unsolicited calls.

This kind of practice ruins future sales and communication with people who have opted in – because people will opt-OUT very fast.   I am not the only one who can connect the dots.  The purpose of the free offer or opt-in should only be to share important information to grow a “know,  like and trust” relationship BEFORE anticipating leads and sales of your products or services.  However, sharing this private information with other companies who specialize in selling that information to telemarketers can pay quite well.  When I last checked, you can buy these lists for more than $3000 (for an untargeted market) and more than $6000 for a targeted list of contact information.


BIG MARKETING FAIL #2:  The Android Blast

Among all the MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) and Affiliate opportunities out there, one has surfaced that “I hope” dies just as fast.  Their brand spanking new online marketing idea is to pitch software sales of a new product – for $26.00 a month, you can blast out an advertisement to every Android phone within 100,000 sq. feet of where you are when you post the ad.

Firstly, this is no more a targeted ad to your customers than wrapping a bus with your advertising, running it in the local newspaper or sending postcards out through the mail or even a magazine ad or billboard.  This kind of untargeted local advertising may be affordable for the Walmarts, Coca Cola, etc. but not for most businesses.

Instead, these ads are reaching anyone and everyone who happen to be in a specific area with their Android phone, but 98% of them won’t be your ideal customer or your targeted market.  Your Return on Investment will be minimal if at all.  And consider this… many recipients will feel this kind of mobile marketing  on their android is INVASIVE.  I checked with a number of friends who have Androids – every one of them mentioned it was invasive and unwanted and would be looking for a way of blocking all such ads.  AND, they would be annoyed rather than wanting to buy.


There are many forms of strategic marketing online.  It is your choice to invest in the ways that seem to make the most sense for your business.  But part of the decision process must be putting yourself in your customer’s “shoes” – what do they want, what will resolve their problems, what will improve their life, family and/or business by purchasing from you?  And once you have done your market research, the answer should be clear and your marketing choices will be obvious.

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