Article Marketing

Article MarketingIs Article Marketing a part of your Strategic Plan for Internet Marketing?

Writing articles for marketing purposes has been around for a very long time.

Before Internet, people wrote articles or “white papers” as a large part of their marketing efforts and submitted them to newspapers, magazines and trade journals.

Article Marketing became a large part of Internet Marketing strategies around 1999 and many Article Sites such as Ezine Articles and many others sprang up all over the Internet.

In more recent years with the advent of Social Media Marketing, where “content” is king, Articles are part of the “Content Marketing” mix which also includes blogs, powerpoint presentations, eBooks, audios and videos. Since Social Media Marketing is, in large part, the sharing and distribution of information and making connections, Articles have had a resurgence in popularity and fit nicely into the “Content Marketing” mix.

We can provide any or all of these services:

♦    Researching material for Articles

     Ghostwriting or Copywriting

♦     Repurposing Blog Posts to Articles

     Distribution on content and article marketing sites.

     SEO Optimization of your Articles

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