Social Media Marketing

Social Media was once considered a fad that wouldn’t last.  Today, there are millions of people on the Social Media sites and businesses understand that if they haven’t established a presence on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube their competitors are already there.  How many of those millions of people on Social Media sites are your customers?

 We can provide any or all of these Social Media Marketing services:

>     Creating an Action Plan for your Social Media efforts.

>      Set up accounts for you on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and You Tube and any other pertinent or industry-specific Social Media sites.

>     Customize and brand your accounts with backgrounds.

>     Build your connections through Research.

>     Post content and create conversations with your connnections.

>     Research your competition on Social Media.

>     Handle your Reputation Management, Branding and Customer Service.

>     Provide Return on Investment Reports to track your Social Media success!

We can customize Social Media packages to meet your needs and goals, whether as a consultant, trainer or implementation for international, national or local business.

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