Video Marketing

Have you added Video Marketing to your mix of marketing strategies?

Video Marketing Report

Content is King on the Internet and one component is Video. Video Marketing is one of the most popular forms of Marketing that is growing rapidly.  If you think of how large a percentage of our population is “visual” and how many Smartphones are out there, it makes sense that Videos are very popular in the content mix.

…and it isn’t hard to do or expensive.

There are 3 “types” of video:

  1. “Talking Heads” videos
  2. Powerpoint to Videos
  3. Screen Capture Videos

The purpose of the video can be to introduce a business, share information, an educational tutorial, a product or service launch or announcing an event.

You can feature them on your website to encourage your visitors to stay and can be a very powerful message.  And you can distribute them on many video sites including You Tube, Vimeo and others which create links back to your site.  And many bloggers are now adding video posts to their blogs.

Videos can be search enine optimized and will be found and included in Google Searches.

With a good strategy in place before you start, video can boost your presence on the Internet in a powerful way.