How Market Research Can Set You Up For Success Online

Do you want to know exactly what you need to say and do online to reach your prospective clients?  Market Research is your answer. Whether you are in the start-up stage of your business, planning to expand or wondering what your competition is doing right and what you can do to be more competitive, Research will provide the insights and information you need. Often business start-ups fail … [Read more...]

How Images in Content Marketing Boost Your Visibility and Reach Online

The majority of businesses have been increasing their marketing budgets in creating content to share online and specifically creating visual images in their Content Marketing that are relevant to their and which encourage people to share and add comments. Why?  Because statistics show that visual images in marketing get far more reach than text and Marketers are aware of the valuable impact it … [Read more...]

How to Increase Your Impact on Your Social Media Posts with Visual Content Marketing

  Social Media is always evolving by using new tactics to increase the effectiveness of posts. By far, the biggest favourite in 2015 has been adding relevant images to posts. Visual Content Marketing makes posts much more effective.  Want the proof? Courtesy of Hubspot: People may read “text only” posts but “text with … [Read more...]

5 Email Marketing Don’t Do’s

  Most of us have heard of “The Money is in Your List”. That would be the email addresses you cultivate into your Newsletter list to communicate with your prospective clients and existing clients. Newsletters are a great way to:   Build Trust Keep a steady line of communication going with the Offer valuable information that will help them Keep them informed of upcoming … [Read more...]

How to Market Better Online in 2014

The end of the first half of 2014 is almost upon us and many businesses are reviewing how their Marketing Plan is working so far.  Whether you have a Marketing Department, do it yourself or outsource, are you keeping track of your results so far?  Do you adjust your Plan based on your results going forward?  Do you know how to market better online in 2014? You may have questions about where and … [Read more...]

How To Update Your Website – Get Current!

  How long has it been since you updated your Website? I recently attended some Hubspot Webinars with regard to the old versus new Search Engine Optimization.  One item mentioned was somewhat related to how our websites are updated and changed over time.....something I hadn’t really thought about. I used a website called:  Wayback Machine to get a screen capture of the evolution of my … [Read more...]

How Can I Measure my Return On Investment in Social Media?

When businesses decide to add Social Media to their marketing plans they measure the results of their efforts or Return on Investment,  on their popularity – the numbers of connections, likes and followers and, additionally, their participation and exchanging information and building relationships online. But when it comes to actually measuring their success = SALES, they are confused on how to … [Read more...]

Go Mobile or Go Home – Mobile Marketing

Do you know how your customers are finding you?  Can they access your website and contact information on a smartphone or iPad?  Have you added Mobile Marketing to your marketing strategies? I live in a small city of approx. 150,000.  Our city is the “gateway” you might say to cottage country and ski country in Muskoka, Georgian Bay and Haliburton in Central Ontario – lots of tourists pass through … [Read more...]

How to Get Creative with your Content Marketing

There is no doubt that in 2013 Content Marketing must be a key strategy in your marketing efforts.  Not only does it spread the word about your Company and your brand, it gives you a unique way to reach out to your prospects and customers and interact with them to build the "Know-Like-Trust" factor that encourages sales.  And Google now ranks that Content as an integral part in it's efforts to … [Read more...]

What To Do “Before” Your Systems and Processes Fail?

After more than 8 years of being in business online, I have been "virtually" unable to conduct my business  in the past 3-4 weeks! Why? Because I couldn't foresee a series of technology issues that happened and left me scrambling. Two years ago the motherboard failed on my main computer, rendering all my programs, files and data unaccessible. I was able to retrieve the hard drive intact but it … [Read more...]