Alarming Ways to do your Online Marketing

Recently I have encountered 2 ways of “new” online marketing that I will never recommend to clients.   BIG MARKETING FAIL #1:  The Deceptive Opt-in Often you will see opt-ins on Social Media posts offering something free if you sign up.  I sometimes sign up for the free PDF eBook or Report.  But I am going to be watching even more carefully on what they ask for in … [Read more...]

Go Mobile or Go Home – Mobile Marketing

Do you know how your customers are finding you?  Can they access your website and contact information on a smartphone or iPad?  Have you added Mobile Marketing to your marketing strategies? I live in a small city of approx. 150,000.  Our city is the “gateway” you might say to cottage country and ski country in Muskoka, Georgian Bay and Haliburton in Central Ontario – lots of tourists pass through … [Read more...]