Why Does It Pay to “Help a Reporter”?

You know the cardinal rule about being a business owner.....promote your business whenever you can - by marketing, by word of mouth, by mentoring and sharing, by telling your family, friends and, whenever possible and where appropriate, such as connections you make through your personal life like the local stores you do business with, the doctor's office, the dentist's, a party you go to, a … [Read more...]

How important are Articles, Blogs and Newsletters?

VERY IMPORTANT! You may be wondering if you need to pursue the creation of Articles, Blogs and Newsletters.  After all, you are very busy trying to grow your business and have limited time to "create" and distribute marketing material in these formats. Example: One of my clients chose to pursue Social Media Marketing and "Inbound Marketing" as opposed to her "Outbound Markting" efforts in … [Read more...]

Inbound Marketing versus Outbound Marketing

Your first question may be "what is the difference" between Inbound and Outbound Marketing?     Outbound Marketing This was/is the traditional form of marketing that companies have used over many years.  Examples would be telemarketing (cold-calling), mail-out campaigns, email blasts, print advertisements, TV commercials and Trade Shows.  This is where the company starts the conversation and … [Read more...]

Marketing for your Business

I just took another step forward in growing my business.  I submitted 3 quotes per requests I received and I have gained another client and can envision how my business is going to move forward in 2009.  I have many paths I can take, lots of choices .., now I have to prioritize and focus for the coming year. I am also in the process of referring someone I recently met through social networking … [Read more...]