How Do I Become Successful on Social Media for Business?

Both new and existing Social Media users pose this question to me….”How do I become successful on Social Media for Business?” Those new to Social Media know they need to be there, but are not certain about what they should be doing.  Those who already have Social Media accounts, may have been there for some time but are not seeing the kind of results they were hoping for. And there are … [Read more...]

Is your Website Mobile Friendly?

Have you checked to see how your website displays on smartphones - is it mobile friendly?You may wonder why you would want to know how your website looks. Recent statistics show that more cell phone users have moved to smartphones in the last year.  In fact, here are just some of the stats: Recent sales stats (US and Canada): §  Nielsen report that 46% of US mobile phone owners have a … [Read more...]

Powerpoint Presentations and how you can convert them to start Video Marketing

We have all seen many powerpoint presentations throughout our business life.  We see them as handouts at meetings and events.  We see them at webinars and as handouts and at teleseminars we attend.  Powerpoint presentations can also be a very important inclusion in Content Marketing on the web, along with blog posts, articles, press releases, audios, pdfs and video marketing. Slideshare is a … [Read more...]

Getting to the First Page of Google

I hit a milestone this week.  I discovered my company name listed 2 times on the first page of Google for my keywords. After I did the "happy dance", I acknowledged  my success in diligently having implemented all that I had learned in the training courses I have taken in the last few years - Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Link Building,  Social Media Marketing, Content … [Read more...]

Social Media in 2010? Where is it going?

Despite the best of my intentions, I got side-tracked from my Blog in January 2010.  The year started very different from what I anticipated.  Five new opportunities/prospects came my way for which I am very excited as my business is growing again but I also got sidetracked from my strict regime of networking and blogging. As well, when VA Classroom announced they were offering a new and … [Read more...]