Have you heard the news about Google and HTTPS Websites?

By the end of January 2017, Google will now crawl websites and indicate a warning icon (on Chrome browsers) when they do not find an https:// in website URLs.   In Google’s never-ending quest to be the very best search engine in the world, it has made a new rule in 2017 regarding websites. How will it affect you?  And how will it affect your website? The https:// in … [Read more...]

Getting to the First Page of Google

I hit a milestone this week.  I discovered my company name listed 2 times on the first page of Google for my keywords. After I did the "happy dance", I acknowledged  my success in diligently having implemented all that I had learned in the training courses I have taken in the last few years - Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Link Building,  Social Media Marketing, Content … [Read more...]

Why So Many People Choose WordPress

Gone are the days when businesses of every size spent all their advertising dollars on Yellow Page ads, Direct Mail Campaigns, billboard ads, print ads in magazines and newspapers, telemarketing, etc.   Of course you still see this kind of advertising and marketing but the best Return on Investment has been proven with the shift to internet marketing, social media marketing and creating a strong … [Read more...]

Will your Website pass a Website Audit?

When clients approach me to help them enter the Social Media realm, my first step is to check out their website. Why? Because with every social media account I set up for them, part of their contact information includes a link to their website.  In fact, your website is like your on-line business card “enhanced”.  Your website is selling your products or services and is one of your most … [Read more...]

Why do I Need A Website?

  So you've started your business and everyone seems to have a website but you are not sure if it is worth the expense and how it will grow your business? Example:  I recently googled a business for a friend of mine.  They had offered her a part-time position and then didn't get back to her.  So, being the internet marketer I am and having had many, many years of internet experience, I … [Read more...]