Do Hashtags Work in Social Media?

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hashtagsThere have been many debates, pro and con, about using Hashtags in Social Media posts and whether they really work.

Those new to Social Media may not understand what a hashtag is.  These are single or groups of words strung together or even anachronims preceded by the symbol “#”.  They’ve been used for years by marketers but more importantly, they have been used by those searching in Social Media channels for information, much like keywords are used in Search Engines.  Since the beginnings of Social Media channels, those joining learned early about searching with hashtags and use them frequently.

Below, are some stats on results in social media platforms:

stats on hashtags



It is difficult to measure statistics in Google+, these facts can help in the decision to use them:

  • Google+ also allows hashtags in comments
  • Google+ automatically adds them to content based on keywords, however you can add or edit them.
  • Hashtags are already built into Google searches.
  • Like Google Search, when you are typing in a hashtag, Google+ has a drop down of “related hashtags” for additional options to use.


Tjey are used in Pinterest but although they can be added in the description of a pin and are bolded, Pinterest does not search by hashtags, they only search by keywords.  Therefore, if you click on the bolded link, it will take you to search results for that particular hashtag.


YouTube allows you to use them in your Video Title and in the description and does provide results in search for hashtags.


Although they experimented with hashtags at one time, it does not do searches with them.

You can read related article from Kevan Lee on Buffer

What Hashtags Should I Use?

Another question is what hashtags should you use OR should you create new ones?

There are a number of ways to research the most popular, as you do for keywords for your content.  

However, if you are marketing a particular product, service or event, you can create your own branded hashtag and then track the results.  Example:  With a non-profit client and a campaign they were running, we created 3 customized hashtags and included at least one in each and every post so we could track the results.

The tool I have often used is: , however, there are others available online.


It is well worth the effort to include hashtags in your posts.













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