Google + – Will It Surpass Facebook?

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Google + was launched less than 2 months ago and and took only 16 days to reach 10 million users.  Facebook took 852 days and Twitter took 780 days to reach that figure. 

Why should you add Google + to your social media presence?

I think many people who are just entering Social Media or have been there for a few years now and have built up a community are reluctant to jump into yet another new Social Media forum – after all, it takes time to learn how each works and build your brand and connections.  This would just add more time to your busy schedule – right?   And many people are sitting on the fence to see if Google + actually is worth the effort.

I joined Google Plus within the first couple of weeks so I could test it out and judge for myself.  There are many knowledgeable thought leaders I am connected to who have spent more time than I have and so far the feedback has been very positive and I have to say that so far, I am impressed with it as well.

I love the “circles” feature that allows me to categorize my connections and target messages to specific circles.

I like the “Sparks” feature that allows me to indicate my interests and what feeds are going through that are displayed for me without searching for them.

Although, I am not a heavy Googe user, I do use Gmail, Alerts, Reader, Docs, Analytics, etc. and when I log into my Google Gmail I can find my Google + account on the very first tab at the top of the page.  I anticipate and have heard that Google users are finding it much easier to share content in Google + by using all the various Google tools available.

It is easy to search and find other Google Profiles of people I know and those I would like to know.  And an added benefit has been that new connections have found me and added me to their circles, giving me the opportunity to meet and learn to know them.

In the Social Media world I live in, due to the fact that I am, among other things, a Social Media Marketing Specialist, I find all the thought leaders are already in Google +.   One of the  strategies I follow and recommend to my clients, is to spread their social media presence in all the top sites and besides finding new connections, they should strengthen their presence, visibillity and recognition by connecting to the same people in all the forums. For example, I have found that connections I have made in other sites are already familiar with me and what I do and they automatically have been finding me in Google + and connecting with me there too.

And in these early stages of Google +, it is easy to check out new and familiar people I know and trust and I can find who is in their circles very easily connect with them as well.

Recently Google + has added games to their offerings and Google Business Pages will be coming soon.

And Google is “all about” SEO.  Think of the possibilities of how important a presence in Google + will mean to building SEO.

Since I have been aggregating content on Google + to keep abreast of all the new and upcoming developments, I have included some top content the thought leaders have provided with the links below.  Have a look to help you form your own opinions.

Do I think Google + will surpass Facebook?  Down the road, they may depending on how many features they add and how many new and innovative ways they improve it.  I agree with one of the articles below where someone mentioned that it will certainly keep Facebook on their toes.  They are certainly well on their way to impressing me and many others with what they have done in a very short period of time.

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