How Do I Find New Clients?

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finding-ideal-clientsWhat problems do you have finding new clients?

I was recently approached by a prospective client who was transitioning from owning and operating one company and moving to an entirely new business model, i.e. from a health and wellness coach to a marketing consultancy. They were formulating their business plan, the specialized services they were going to offer, their target market, their marketing plan and how they were going to find their ideal clients much like any new business in the “start-up stages”.

Although research had been done, they still needed more to identify their prospective clients.
However, rather than designing their marketing messages to enable their prospects to FIND THEM, they wanted to find and sell to their ideal clients. In other words, they wanted to target specific companies and sell to them. Why was this a bad idea?

In the online world, it is STILL about the “know, like and trust” and all about relationships.

Think about how often, you as a consumer, have willingly bought without knowing anything about who you are buying from. How often have you taken the time to pay attention to a sales pitch whether through email, a phone call or an advertisement from a business you have never heard of?

OR, have you sought out your family, friends and colleagues to get a recommendation or referral? How often have you shared information on Social Media from people you know or even those you don’t but are connected to and trust, or shared information you have found yourself through blogs, articles, infographics, etc.?

How often have you had a good customer experience, so good that you have been satisfied enough to share it with others in the form of referrals or testimonials?

Like cold calling or unsolicited emails, or widespread faxes, consumers will rarely buy. It is a waste of time, effort and money. The more effective alternative is using Social Media to find your target market and where they “hang out” and listen to their questions and problems online. You can then create content that addresses those problems and how you can help them solve those issues– on your website, on your blog, your article or in groups – to help them FIND YOU.

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