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repurposing contentIn 2016, Content has been a major force in companies reaching out to share information and strengthen their presence online.  However, most don’t actually spend time repurposing their content.

Often, especially Small Businesses, rarely have the time and skills to produce content on their websites.  When they actually do make the effort, they don’t know where to start.  In a previous post, Content Marketing: How Do I Create Content? I explain how to get creative.

Once you have put all that effort into content, it just makes sense to repurpose it.

What are the important reasons to repurpose content?  There could be several…

  1. It undoubtedly takes time to always be creating new content.  The time it takes to repurpose content already created (or recyling it) saves a lot of time
  2. Already created content can be revised to capture a new audience, e.g. a blog can be repurposed to a powerpoint presentation and then to a video. Now that original blog can be found in 2 new forms on alternative platforms – Slideshare for the powerpoint and or the video, You Tube (or other video sites).
  3. Repurposed content can also be edited to attract new prospects., e.g. a few related posts about sales could be repurposed into an eBook to sell or a free download to grow a list of prospects. Or a new infographic could be made with Tips from that content.
  4. Updating content to be more relevant, e.g. an older blog post from a previous year could be edited (after a little additional research) to update the status on the subject with a table of statistics, a relevant tool that recently become available a new strategy or application for the information.

Here are some tips for repurposing content.

  • In choosing which content to repurpose, consider the topics that were most popular – viewed and shared and commented on.
  • Update with new, relevant and visually compelling images.
  • Do the keyword research to optimize the content. Relevant keywords then may have changed in popularity.
  • Consider adding links to new information online relating to the topic which will add value.
  • Check to add internal links to other related topics in content that has been more recently created by you, e.g. a blog, a video or an audio.
  • If branding has been changed, make sure the branding is consistent for the present, i.e. your logo on a video or powerpoint.

What content do you produce now?  What formats and channels can you use to repurpose it?

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  1. Great list of reasons to repurpose content! With so much content already out there, why not get all of the traction you can out of it. One of my favorite ways to repurpose my content is through Medium. It’s fast, easy and gets my content out in front of an entirely new market!

  2. Thanks for the practical tips, Diane. I do repurpose as I’ve been blogging for so long, but have some concerns about search engines guidelines.